No More Kids with Cancer.

That's our vision. The Naya Foundation exists to create cures for childhood cancer. We contribute 100% of donations to fund research with significant impact. Research that accelerates the discovery of and cures for pediatric cancer. 

We need your help. Your donations make a difference in treatments, allow for trials to be funded and, we hope, ultimately lead to cures.

Our donors have helped us raise over $375,000, and 100% of the donations to Team Naya and The Naya Foundation are directed to childhood cancer research and cures. To date, we have been able to commit to a clinical trial, brain tumor gene sequencing and fund research staff to support advancements in childhood cancer cures. We have proudly supported The Cancer Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the Children's Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium (CBTTC).

Our Inspiration...

Naya Summy at age 11. Naya wanted to be a marine biologist. This photo was taken in Monterey, CA.

Naya Summy at age 11. Naya wanted to be a marine biologist. This photo was taken in Monterey, CA.

Naya was our courageous, sweet, intelligent and funny 11-year old daughter with a brilliant energy that rubbed off on anyone who knew her. She was diagnosed with high-risk medulloblastoma (brain cancer) when she was nine. She endured brain surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, only to relapse one year after her diagnosis. A cure didn't exist for Naya. In less than two years, her disease overtook her body and her brightness and smile left our world. 

She strove to enjoy every day in a manner that was full of grace, love, happiness and laughter, and her determination to enjoy life didn't change even as she fought to overcome cancer.

Her love for life continues to inspire thousands every day who continue to remember Naya and support her mission through The Naya Foundation.

Naya received many awards recognizing her passion for curing cancer. Naya was recognized as Outstanding Youth Philanthropist in Philadelphia in 2015.

Join us as we carry out Naya's mission.